To see some of the press coverage of the project, check out the links below. If you are a press person interested in talking about the project with us, please us the Contact Form to get in touch.

slatelogoDocumenting America’s Surviving Lesbian Spaces

“Gay and lesbian existence was veiled in secrecy until quite recently, so documenting our history has often required a heroic mix of detective work and scholarship. The last 20 years have seen the publication of several fascinating accounts of gay and lesbian life in American cities, of pioneering organizations and individuals, as well as the release of some outstanding documentaries about LGBTQ social and political movements. Nevertheless, many longstanding community institutions are still largely unknown.”
Read the full article here.
(available online Slate)

marketplacelogoThe Disappearance of Lesbian Bars May Signal Change

A freelance reporter working with the Marketplace Morning Report, a business and economics-focused national radio program, spoke with Alexis, and a handful of others about the disappearance of Lesbian Bars in the US. A brief excerpt of these conversations was part of the program in August 2014.
Read a short article about it and listen to radio program here.

The VanishingJune 2014 Curve Magazine

Why are lesbian spaces disappearing, and what can be done to preserve our collective history?
Read the full article here.
(available in print and online in the June 2014 issue of Curve Magazine)


Queer Pilgrimages Past & Present: Van Lust and Lesbian America

“I’m struck by how personal and important these journeys have been for the people who took them and for many they visited.”
An exploration of a variety of road trips taken by queer folks, particularly queer women.
Read the full article here.
(available online at Autostraddle)

OPB-logoDocumenting The Dwindling Number Of Lesbian Spaces

Oregon Public Broadcasting invited me to be part of a discussion on their “Talking Out Loud” radio program. On the program with me was Katy Davidson, who started Temporary Lesbian Bar, a monthly event that takes place in Portland, Oregon.
Read a short article about it and listen to radio program here.

cover-BrooklynRail-June2014A Different Invitation:
Queer Performance on the Road

“I’m headed out on the road in August, leaving my current home in Brooklyn behind. Not for too long, about four weeks, but hopefully for long enough to listen.”
This article includes some thoughts on the Unknown Play Project as well as interviews with playwright Kyla Searle, and Heather Acs and Damien Luxe, the co-founders and co-producers of the Heels on Wheels Roadshow.
Read the full article here.
(available in print and online in the June 2014 issue of The Brooklyn Rail)

VelvetParkLogoInterview with Unknown Play Project’s Director

Velvetpark‘s Editor-in-Chief, Grace Moon, talks to the project’s director, Alexis Clements, about the road trip and what inspired the project.
Read the full interview here.
(available online on the Velvetpark Media website)

TheBillfoldLogoAsking For It: Crowdfunding A Passion Project

“One consequence of having friends for years is you get to see the changes that life brings.”
In which one of Alexis Clements’ best friends interviews her about topics ranging from money, to queer baked goods, to language, and lots of things in between.
Read the full article here.
(available online on the The Billfold website)

TCGCircleLogoFollowing A Different Path: The Unknown Play Project

“There are so many barriers to the productions of plays today. Costs, theaters closing down, changes to season models, marketing and ticket sales, theaters that remain resistant to producing work by women and people of color, and on and on.”
This article focuses on the origins and development of the project from a play to a documentary and national reading tour.
Read the full article here.
(available online on the TCG Circle website)


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