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Give a fully tax-deductible donation now through our fiscal sponsor, Women Make Movies:
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Donation Instructions:

  1. If the film title does not appear at the top of the Sponsored Projects page, scroll down to find it listed under “ALL WE’VE GOT”
  2. Enter the dollar amount that you wish to give and click “DONATE”
  3. At the bottom of the shopping cart page, click “CHECK OUT NOW”
  4. For sales tax questions, click “NO”
  5. Click the first option “Order by Credit Card Online”
  6. Enter your credit card information and submit

Every dollar helps, particularly as we work through post-production on the film! Thanks to everyone who contributed to Hatchfund campaign that helped us get on the road! View the video from that campaign below to learn more about project.

Help Spread the Word

Know people, communities, or spaces that might be interested in the project or that we should be in touch with? Send them the web link or use the contact form to let us know about them.

In-Kind Support

If you have services (post-production, marketing, public relations, graphic design, etc) that you’re willing to contribute to us for this project, we’ll include you in the list of donors as an in-kind supporter. And with our fiscal sponsorship, if you donate something of high value, your in-kind donation may be tax deductible. Get in touch via the contact form if you would like to donate this way.


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