Project Update – 20 May 2015



I wanted to post a quick update to let everyone know how things are going with the project.

First, we’ve got a new name for the project – ALL WE’VE GOT. We think it really captures both an expansive sense of the work, history, and opportunities for abundance and connection that queer women’s space can and does provide, while also getting at the serious challenges and limitations that many spaces face, particularly in the current economic and real estate climate in the US.

To go with the new name, we’ve updated the website and all the social profiles associated with the project and added a Twitter feed, so please make sure to update your links. If you already liked or followed us on Facebook or Instagram you don’t have to update anything, we just changed the name, and any old links to our website will be automatically redirected to the new site, so no worries about past posts or links, this is just an update going forward:





AND, in case you didn’t hear it on social media already, we’re thrilled that award-winning documentary filmmaker Bennett Singer has joined the project as a Consulting Producer. You can learn more about his fantastic work on our Team page.

Beyond that, we’re hard at work behind the scenes. We’re just getting started on a second round of interviews that we have been planning since last year, most of which will take place in NYC. And we’re also doing a lot of work to transcribe and log all the footage we’ve got in the can so that we can be ready to go when we move into post-production on the project, i.e. start the editing process.

We’re also working toward having a preliminary trailer for the project available this summer to help give people a sense of what the project is all about and help build some additional support for it as we head into post-production, so you’ll be getting an update when that’s ready.

Thanks again to all our supporters! We’re getting lots of feedback at events and online, and having lots of great conversations with folks about the role physical spaces play for many different communities – queer women as well as many others. We look forward to sharing and having more of those conversations as the project moves forward.

Until soon!

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