Seeking Editor to Help Cut Trailer


Brief Summary

THE UNKNOWN PLAY PROJECT (film will have different title), a feature-length documentary film, follows a cross-country journey to explore shifting identities and politics within queer women’s communities around the US. The story is told through the lens of a handful of lesbian and queer women’s spaces, such as bars, bookstores, arts spaces, civic organizations, and private homes, at a time when many of these spaces are closing, struggling financially, or embroiled in conflict.

Learn more about the project here:

We have finished 90% of principal photography and are seeking to cut a short trailer in order to help move the project into post-production. We would strongly prefer to work with someone in the NYC area. I can offer a small stipend and/or barter arrangements for your work.

NOTE: This project strives to be broadly inclusive, incorporating folks who identify as trans* and inclusiveness around race and ethnicity, class, ability, and age. For more on that, please visit:

Who am I?

A queer/lesbian identified journalist/writer with some previous video experience living in Brooklyn, NY. Learn more about me here:


Send me an email at (alexis AT alexisclements DOT com) and tell me a little bit about yourself and a link to your reel/website/projects.